Política de Calidad


Quality Policy


DICSA main goal is to provide the satisfaction and reliability to stakeholders in our products and services. First of all, the company seeks to manufacture and distribute its products with due care and dedication, ensuring standards of quality, according to legislation, laws, regulations, codes and specifications required in each case.


The DICSA management team has implemented a Quality Management System to ensure quality at each stage of production, because an optimum Quality Policy is not limited to evaluation of finished product or service, it also includes after sales service. In addition, this company is promoting continuous improvement of strategic planning, developing innovative projects to satisfy the expectations of our stakeholders.


DICSA executive management aligns quality objectives with Strategic Plan, to achieve the level of quality which is required by the market at competitive prices, that are communicated to the staff periodically.


The DICSA management team is well aware of the problems and of the challenge involved in maintenance and quality assurance, for this reason sets the implementation of Report Management System periodically, with the result of internal DICSA audits to make know and redirect the deviations the implanted system.


In addition, DICSA believes that the involvement at every level of personnel is crucial to ensure the creation of a high-quality product that satisfy the expectations of clients and stakeholders.


DICSA also believes that is essential to have an appropriate staff policy developing further knowledge. It also necessary to have appropriate resources and professional experience, having the right workers with the right skills, to be able to delegate responsibility and authority. Therefore, DICSA promotes the training of our staff to improve their professional skills and knowledge about their tasks.


Signature of the Senior Manager:

Daniel Carmen

Date: 14th of June 2021