Artificial Grass Campaign

Design, comfort and quality on artificial grass

DICSA inaugurates its Artificial Grass Campaign with a wide range of high quality products, these have an innovative and functional design. As a novelty, there is a new kind of Grass thicker, pile height reaches 50 millimeters, it makes it more comfortable. In addition, visually is more attractive because the distance between knots is narrower and the surface base is fully covered and has drain hoses. The material is a flame retardant and is easy cleaning with a domestic vacuum cleaner.

This company is dedicated fundamentally to industrial sector but thanks to the high quality of their products it has increased its sales on decoration sector. Artificial grass is difficult to transport it but DICSA ensures a fast shipment without suffering damages, because we pack it carefully. We have an express delivery which enables us to have next- day delivery and we have one of the biggest stock of Europe.

Our highly qualified and experienced human team offers technical advice and adapted solutions to each individual requirement. They study and evaluate each case in an individualized way.

DICSA has included exhibitor sales adapted to each surface (at cost). These exhibitors allow to expose these products in a very visual way on your business, and handle the surfaces easily. In addition, they also have mini rolls of grass that are transported and assembled easily because it's dimension is a 1 x 4 meters. This promotion is only valid on Iberian peninsula.