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Dicsa opens new Headquarters in the United States of America

Dicsa continues growing and expanding its presence on the world market launching a new company, DICSA AMERICA LLC. Thanks to the new logistic center, strategically located in Atlanta, Dicsa will be able to offer US customers deliveries within 24 hours. Dicsa America´s opening hours are from 8 am to 4 pm (according to USA's Eastern Standard Time Zone)
/ DICSA AMERICA Catalogue/
DICSA launches, only and exclusively for DICSA AMERICA, its new Stainless Steel Fittings Catalogue. For the first time in the Company´s history 3D images and drawings of each piece have been included to the catalogue in order to give a better information to the customers.
Dicsa America Catalogue includes: 43 Series and BW Series fittings, Flanges, Push on fittings, Reusable fittings, Adapters and Bonded seals. In addition, the company continues with its distribution of hydraulic and pneumatic components and connectors.
Dicsa increases competitiveness on the US market with the opening of its new headquarters, which ensures rapid deliveries, also offering technical support and some commercial agents that have an extraordinary knowledge about Dicsa´s products. 
/ DICSA logistic hub in the United States /
 Dicsa´s warehouse is located in the most important industrial area in the USA, Atlanta. This facility has the most innovative storage and logistic systems that helped Dicsa become a leader in its field able to reach every corner of America in record time.
Dicsa has five national centre headquarters: Spain, Italy, Germany, China and now the United States. With the last one, Dicsa begins with the conquest of the entire American continent. The industrial sector in North America is the most important in the world; it represents more than 15% of the global industry. For this reason, Dicsa does not want to miss out on this chance to break into this market that offers so many possibilities.
DICSA is a worldwide leading manufacturer of stainless steel fittings, and an international reference in hydraulic and pneumatic components and connectors. The company houses one of the most complete and extensive stocks in Europe. Nowadays Dicsa works in more than 100 countries on five continents and has the fastest deliveries in its sector. Its adaptive capacity, its customer service and its progressive improvement quality processes have turned Dicsa into a clear leader in this business. Therefore, Dicsa´s success in the American market is ensured.