Dicsa invites all its staff to an exclusive dinner to celebrate its 35th anniversary

Dicsa invites its staff to an exclusive dinner to celebrate its 35th anniversary

Workers of Dicsa are the most important factor for the company and for this reason the executive team has invited all Dicsa´s staff to an exclusive dinner to celebrate its 35th anniversary. More than 300 people have attended to this event, the workers were able to bring an accompanying and they were delighted with the organization of this celebration.  The founding family of the company attended to this event, the patriarch Juan Carmen Salinas could not avoid to feel deeply moved after receiving expressions of support and affection of his employees.
This event started with a Photocall, where the President of the company welcomed workers and they took a photo together. After that the posh cocktail reception got underway where were served a total of ten appetizers paired with exclusive wines finally the diners enjoyed a delicious dinner. The evening concluded with music and an open bar that lasted until well into the early hours. 
/Executive Team Speeches/
Undoubtedly the crowning touch evening was the Executive Team´s speeches of gratitude during which was underscored the importance of Dicsa workers in the successful of the company. Dicsa expects to bill more than $50 million, a 20 per cent more than 2017.
Dicsa members that have been part of Dicsa for more than 25 years received a very special gift, a watch; the rest of the workers were presented with an External High power Battery Pack and an adapter valid for iPhone and Android.
/ Commemorative video /
Diners enjoyed a video where was reviewing the history of the Dicsa´s staff, special moments, celebrations, trade fairs.. On it was showed, that Dicsa is more than a company Dicsa is a family where every one of them is an essential part of the firm. 
The workers gave the Executive Team with a large bouquet of red roses, and Dicsa President received a marble plaque with Dicsa 3D picture facilities and workers design by themselves another marble plaque for Dicsa´s Director, this was printed with the same printed where are manufactured the prototypes.    
After thirty-five years of qualified success Dicsa shows that is possible to improve day by day and principal strength is to have an executive team with clear objectives and goals that have the capacity of motive their workers, because without then this would not be possible. Because Dicsa is more than an international and successful firm Dicsa is a family.