Dicsa has celebrated its first Family Day to commemorate its 35th anniversary

Family Day in Dicsa

Dicsa has celebrated its first Family Day to commemorate its 35th anniversary. Almost 400 people, included workers and relatives have visited Dicsa´s installations and they made a guided tour around different areas of the company. 
In the Dicsa´s outside zone there was a recreational area with some drinks and food. Dicsa´s staff spent a delightful time and enjoy a different day, socializing with friends and family members. In addition, Dicsa organized activities for children and a beneficial market.
/Visit to facilities/
The family day started with a visit to the facilities, thanks to over fifty volunteers that are Dicsa´s members we could do this activity. We separated visitors into eight groups, each one formed by 45 people. The staff of Dicsa full explained the functions of any department in the company, for about half an hour. They also showed a wide variety of manufactured and distributed Dicsa´s products.
Professionals in highly specialized areas of Dicsa explained the most significative points of their jobs. In each group, there was a person that accounted for Dicsa facilities, a photographer and a companion responsible for group remained together, (all of them were Dicsa´s volunteers). This collaboration allowed visitors to have a company global vision, they understood which are Dicsa´s strengths and how we have become a leader.
/Gifts for visitors/
Dicsa presented the visitors with a keychain design by Dicsa and printed with a 3d printed. This printer is used by manufactured pre-series, but this time was used to present the most innovative Dicsa products. In addition, Dicsa distributed merchandising to commemorate its 35th anniversary. 
The event was organized by the workers´s initiative who have collaborated during the whole process and they were part of it. Relatives Dicsa´s staff are delighted to see the place where their family members spend their majority of the time. It has also been a very appreciate the initiative by workers of Dicsa.
The family day event was organized as part of the activities carried out by commemorating Dicsa´s 35th anniversary.  The management team of Dicsa has indicated that all these events focus on workers because they would like to thank Dicsa employees for all that they have been able to do for Dicsa. For this reason, in a few days, all Dicsa employees will be invited to dinner in the most exclusive restaurant of Saragossa. Because Dicsa grows with you.